EVERY SATURDAY AFTERNOON                                                     

12.30 LESSON           1.15 to 4.00PM  SOCIAL DANCING                                                                                                                                                                                       

Maribyrnong Community Centre                                                   

9 Randall Street, Maribyrnong 3032

Melways 28 A8

Join us Saturday afternoon and enjoy a lesson followed by a social dance. All your favourites plus a few dances popular at other venues. Get the help you need to learn a dance or brush up and refresh your memory of dances that you want to try. We have off-street parking, heating and cooling, a fantastic dance floor,  great music as well as afternoon tea of sandwiches and cakes included. What more can you ask for? Come along and visit or join us for a wonderful Saturday afternoon of dancing and company.



Altona Sports Club

11 Altona Road, Altona 3018

Melways 55 B10

If you like to be beside the seaside, come and join us for an easy lesson followed by en evening of enjoyable social dancing

with refreshments included. An excellent, large dance floor, heating and cooling, off-street parking, bar available.                                                                                   

Beginners welcome, no partner required, in a separate area for 'learn to dance' lessons.                                                                                                


EVERY FRIDAY                                                                                              

7.30 LESSON FOLLOWED BY SOCIAL DANCING                            

Maribyrnong Community Centre                                                      

9 Randall Street, Maribyrnong, 3032

Melways 28 A8

Come along and join our Friday night dance group. We start with a lesson followed with social dancing chosen by you. The centre has heating and cooling, off-street parking, a fantastic dance floor and refreshments supplied, or bring a plate to share for supper with your friends to make it a really fun night.



LESSONS  5.00 TO 7.00p.m., SOCIAL DANCING 7.00 TO 9.00p.m.

The Altona Sports Club                                                                            

11 Altona Road, Altona 3018                                                                  

Melways 55 B10

Entry $5 members, $8 non-members

Come and try the easy to learn dance lessons from 5.00 to 7.00p.m. with  easy step-by-step guides to dancing Sequence and New Vogue, interspersed with social dancing to try out your skills. Social dancing is from 7.00 to 9.00p.m. on a large dance floor to excellent music. Tea, coffee, biscuits available all evening, bring your own nibbles to savour with drinks available from the bar. Heating and cooling, off street parking, Bistro and bar available ...  so why not have a night out and join us. Usually once a month, there is a party dance to show off the glad rags and your new dance moves.


WELL DANCERS, you have read the pages on this site and if you want to dance or help in learning to dance or just want to enjoy a whirl around the dance floor, contact us on 9382 0037 or e-mail alexandriasbb@hotmail.com to find our more.


You are also invited to attend any of our venues at any time as you will be made welcome and will find the dancers there friendly and helpful. Drop in any time for a look ... no cost ... and if you like what you see, join in.


Now the important question ... HOW MUCH?

Our dance entry is $5. This includes refreshments, lessons and dance.

Why so little for all we offer?     We thank the  Centres mentioned for their support.


Happy dancing,

Bill and Sandra



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