Following are some links to Sequence Dance sites that provide dancers with the opportunity to explore the world of sequence dancing.

New Vogue, Old Time and Modern Sequence DVDs and dance music.

Rock'n'Roll and Jive Dance DVDs, moves and techniques

New Zealand sequence dance directory - promoting Sequence Dancing as an enjoyable, healthy, affordable, social activity.

Over 270 sequence dancing clubs, U.K. and worldwide listing.

Dance club news and social supper dance dates.

Dance club news, programmes and dance clips.

Links you straight to the site.
Dance studios and Sequence dance news for Canberra and NSW.

Dance list, calendar and photo gallery for the York Old Time dance group.

Sequence dance clubs, local history and photos of Gibralter.

The club provides friendship and enjoyment through Ballroom dancing.

Patti and Tony Gilbert provide the best New Vogue and Sequence Dance music for dancing and listening pleasure.

U.K. and overseas dance clubs, holidays and dance lists.

Dance news, venues & videos for clubs in Staffordshire and the West Midlands.

Easy social and popular dance scripts.

Script library, sequence dance blog and more. Well worth a visit.



For those looking for dance locations in W.A., so get your dancing shoes and keep dancing.
















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