"Dancing is like a box of chocolates - you never know which dance you like best until you've tried them all."

You are invited to the "Wattle We Waltz?" Party Dance at the Maribyrnong Community Centre, 9 Randall Street, on Saturday, August 12th, from 12.30 to 4.00p.m.  Entry $5, please bring a plate to share. Theme: Yellow and Green. All your favourite dances on a superb floor to marvellous music, with the fun of a monte carlo, spot prizes, lucky door prizes and more.

NEW FOR 2017 AT THE ALTONA SUNDAY DANCE ..... At 5.00p.m. every Sunday          there is a new  "pop up" lesson. For those interested in expanding their dance repertoire, or maybe need a revision of a known dance, these lessons will be teaching dances not on the nightly programme but you may have seen them elsewhere and would just like to try them out. Dances will be taken from requests received during 2016 and other new dances as they become popular.

ROCK'n'ROLL DANCE CATS DANCE DVDs - To make more Rock'n'Roll/Jive available on each DVD, we are changing the format of our Rock'n'Roll/Jive DVDs. From DVD 18 onwards, each DVD will have three demonstrated dance routines with three separate walkthroughs explaining both partners' moves and timing. The detailed dance scripts may be downloaded for free from

Keen to dance but not that interested in the small details that go into making up the moves? You can now make up your own dance DVDs from any of the routines shown on the Dance Cats site. We will make you a personalised DVD of any three demonstrations of the listed Rock'n'Roll and Jive routines, with separate walkthroughs, for only $10 including postage. E-mail us your selections and we will post off your very own DVD within a couple of days.





























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